Product Requirements (Advanced) Template

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This 'Product Requirements' Notion template provides a robust framework for outlining, monitoring, and specifying the requirements for your product or feature. It covers everything from project details and objectives to user stories and unresolved issues.

  • Details: Includes roles such as Document Owner, Designer, Tech Lead, and QA, along with the target release date.
  • Aim: Contextualises the project within your company's strategic objectives.
  • Success Indicators: Lists objectives and metrics for evaluating project success.
  • Assumptions: Captures assumptions about users, technology, and business objectives.
  • Checkpoints: Features a visual roadmap planner to keep the team aligned.
  • Requirements: Details specific requirements, their importance, and corresponding user stories.
  • User Interaction and Design: Space for adding mockups and diagrams.
  • Unresolved Issues: Tracks open questions and their resolutions.
  • Out of Scope: Lists features that are beyond the initial scope.

Ideal for product managers, tech leads, and UX designers, this template ensures that your product requirements are well-defined, aligned with business objectives, and clearly communicated to all stakeholders.

The advanced versions are available for some of the templates. Featuring Notion database tables. These advanced templates offer enhanced tracking, sorting, and collaboration capabilities.

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Product Requirements (Advanced) Template

0 ratings
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