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Product Launch Template

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This Notion template provides a comprehensive plan designed to ensure a smooth product launch. It covers everything from objectives and market research to distribution channels and support strategy.

  • Objective: Define your rollout goals and how to measure success.
  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis: Understand your market and competition.
  • Success Metrics: Set quantifiable goals for the launch.
  • Target Personas: Identify your buyer and user personas.
  • Messaging & Positioning: Craft your product's narrative and value proposition.
  • Pricing: Detail your pricing strategy.
  • Product Release Roadmap: Keep your team aligned with a roadmap planner.
  • Distribution Channels & Launch Tasks: Plan your launch-day activities.
  • Support Strategy: Prepare for customer support post-launch.

Ideal for product managers, marketing teams, and business strategists, this template ensures that every aspect of your product launch is meticulously planned and executed.

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Product Launch Template

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