Master Project Documentation (Advanced) Template

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The Master Project Documentation Notion template serves as a comprehensive guide for stakeholders, providing a single source of truth for the project.

  • Unfulfilled Needs: Defines the project's purpose and identifies the user needs that it aims to address.
  • Objectives: Outlines expected outcomes.
  • User Personas: Describes the target user profiles.
  • Jobs to Cover: Lists specific user needs and contexts.
  • Past Experiences: Notes any previous strategies or insights relevant to the project.
  • Limitations: Discusses any constraints or impacts on other projects.
  • Explorations + Decisions: Summarizes strategies considered and decisions made.
  • Releases: Details any project releases, their value, scope, and status.
  • Next Steps: Outlines future actions.
  • Impact: Includes key performance indicators.
  • Supporting Documents: Provides links to all relevant material and data.

This template ensures that all aspects of the project are well-documented, making it easier to manage and share information.

The advanced versions are available for some of the templates. Featuring Notion database tables. These advanced templates offer enhanced tracking, sorting, and collaboration capabilities.

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Master Project Documentation (Advanced) Template

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