Master Project Documentation Template

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The Master Project Documentation Notion template serves as a comprehensive guide for stakeholders, providing a single source of truth for the project.

  • Unfulfilled Needs: Defines the project's purpose and identifies the user needs that it aims to address.
  • Objectives: Outlines expected outcomes.
  • User Personas: Describes the target user profiles.
  • Jobs to Cover: Lists specific user needs and contexts.
  • Past Experiences: Notes any previous strategies or insights relevant to the project.
  • Limitations: Discusses any constraints or impacts on other projects.
  • Explorations + Decisions: Summarizes strategies considered and decisions made.
  • Releases: Details any project releases, their value, scope, and status.
  • Next Steps: Outlines future actions.
  • Impact: Includes key performance indicators.
  • Supporting Documents: Provides links to all relevant material and data.

This template ensures that all aspects of the project are well-documented, making it easier to manage and share information.

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Master Project Documentation Template

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